Interesting way to make adsense income

While working on my friends and family finalization,I discovered an interesting site here. Why?I mean nothing spectacular right? Well if you look at the ads it’s nothing but a google adsense site. However it’s how he’s getting traffic to it that’s interesting.

Pay per Play Ads Review

I hate Internet marketers. Pay Per Play is the next ‘big thing” that will kill adsense (again) supposedly. And I can’t escape being spammed about it. Of course they reason to be spammed is cos you get a percentage of anyone who signs up under you – of their income from Pay Per Play. Yeah, all i know is that some people think this “might” replace adsesne in terms of popularity & easy income, but…. its too early to tell.

Adsense Clicks on Blogs

My impressions are still improving, and I’m closing in on $10 a day now with adsense….still the onlly difference being the blogs linked to each other. I haven’t even added any more yet, as I’m busy ‘tweaking’ the process of setting up more blogs. Gonna take a few days off & then blitz some more blogs starting over the weekend.