Does Not Recommend!

Moving To A New Host

So here I am moving web hosts again. This is one of those pains of having an internet bizness.
Anywhays, I have gotten tired of Liquidweb.
Their server is usually fine. they just have one small problem – they take forever to follow up on support requests.

Duvet Dollars: 100% Total Scam Bait

And before I start coming off as warm and fuzzy, here’s a total trash fuck.
LOL. Settle down.
Duvet Dollars. It’s worse than Day Job Killer. Yes. All Flu. ( That’s fluff without the “ff”).
100% pure scam. Doesnt teach you anything. At all.
I’d give a link to it, but if you bought from my link, Karma would destroy me, so no link….

More Day Job Killer…


I think the Law Of Attraction brought this to me. I decided N.T.T. buy it because of the trend I noticed with Affilliate Project X…. But then I was curious especially when I started seeing some bad reviews, which were the same or worse than APX received. I finally “got” a copy. And am glad I didnt pay for it. Here’s a quick rundown of a post I made in the Warrior forum about his 3 products: