Pay-Per-Click & Pay-Per-View

Link Shortener That Pays

So here’s a new additional income source I’m working on.

Using link shorteners that pay. I always wonder what the deal was with adfly and similar shorteners…. like till I discovered shortest.  It pays more than any other I’ve found.
How to use it:

Back To PPC

Okay y’all, this is with a little trepidation I announce my return to the one thing that made me the most money overall: PPC. I have been away with my attempts to find friends and family projects. However, I have been unable to find the perfect one (I came close with the e-whore thing, but Craigslist & Backpage are bitches and won’t let me post at will). So, noticing my income was suffering, I decided to go back to making it all about me… for the time being anyways, and to do so, I needed to return to something I was good at. Pay Per Click marketing.

Pay Per View Marketing

Well I have alluded in my last post to the fact that I stumbled upon Pay Per View Marketing, and am completely immersed in it. It is surprising to me that I can do this well in this medium, but…. it shouldn’t be. It’s an “easier” version of PPC… and I know my PPC. I just hate the recent complications. PPV is like simplified PPC, and I’m glad it found me… because it literally did. And as it turns out I’ll probably wind up getting the Pay Per View Formula course (or at least a video of a presentation of it) from Gauher Chaudry himself. Funny how the universe works.

The Tracking Secret

What is the tracking secret? To me, it is the backbone of marketing. All marketing. But tracking has neer been my favorite thing to do in this business. In fact, in my 3+ years of Internet Marketing, I’ve never tracked anything….properly. Nothing worth noting. I’ve simply gone by my expenses versus my commissions. That’s it. Until now…

Pay Per Click Secret

Man… when it rains it pours. Or rather when the floodgates of ideas open…. it floods!
I’ve done a LOT of PPC in my time, but quite frankly, I’ve gotten sick of it and mostly sick of “fucking google”. I hate their PPC shenanigans. So I have avoided doing business with them for a while now. Em… the fact that they banned my account for trying to trick them slightly ‘may’ have had something to to with it, lol…… but I don’t give a rat’s ass, because I found other ways to make my dough anyways, so I really don’t need them.