Product Reviews

Click Tracking Magic = Click Magic

If you go through my blog posts, you will notice that I am obsessed with tracking.
Well I have a new tool that I highly recommend for tracking results, keywords, split tests and more. It’s called click magick.

The Lazy Marketer Review|Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate

Lazy marketer, lazy affiliate. Nice buzz words. So what is this product about? It’s another ebook promising lazy way to internet marketing success as a “lazy affilliate“. Well my inquisitive self decided to get this one as a special offer and checked it out.
Something I’d never done before is… I read the damn sales page like 3 times.
And learned something from it.
I suggest you do to at the lazy marketer.

Life After Adsense…

I have been a member of another PPC paid forum, Life After Adsense, and didn’t do a review of it because…. it is lacking.
The only thing its any good for is getting the”click flipping software” and watching the case study videos. Actually I’d learned quite a lot from the method they use which is basically a non-automated version of Xtreme Conversions. And it does give you the details on how “click flipping” works….however, the membership is worth one month’s fees ($50 bucks I believe), because they have a DEAD forum, but again the software & tutorials are actually quite good.. Its just that XC automates the software part, and Adwords Excellence is free and does at least as good a job of the tutorials.

Back The F@*% UP!

Backup your computers.
Backup your documents
Backup your files.
Back your shit up.

I did… then my computer crashed, and I had the important stuff backed up.
Being the lazy ass that I am, how did I do it?
Automatically of course…

It gets no better.