Just Recorded My First Instructional Video

Well, as a follow up to my CAMM2.0 post, I’ve been wrestling with a few things.
I will definitely have a “product” out. On how to make money with one of the methods I’ve mentioned on here… that’s what CAMM is all about. Again, CAMM = CPA Automatic Money Machine.
So, I have a couple of these in mind.

I may decide to sell it as a full product eventually. But not yet. I will first give it away for free :-) Yes, free.
I may have a link here…. or I might not. If I do,it will be by opt in.
I may offers people a choice.. pay for it, or get it free by doing me a little favor.

Anyways, because I want people to succeed with it, I wrote the PDF, created a few macros, and…realizing some of it might need clarification, I created a video on how to install the package.
It took me a while to create a 5 minute video lol.
But with, I was able to do it quite easily.

My first screen capture instructional video…. never thoughts I’d do one. But now I did… people can follow along easily.
I think I will test giving the product away free. If it works like it should, I should make decent money and so should the people using it.
If it doesn’t,I’ll introduce the free or pay option. If that fails, I’ll sell it on maybe clickbank.
We shall see. Still need to do a part 2 of the CAMM system, and another video.
This is exiting… my first ‘product’.

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