Adwords Excellence

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If you are in to PPC/ Adwords/ Click Flipping, go join
Adwords Excellence now.
It’s free… for now, and I am quite sure it will no longer be free soon.

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Yahoo! PPC Limits

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And…. following my call to Google, I decided to do the same with yahoo!
hey also gave me their spcial number lol.
So i called, and…..

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Google PPC Limits

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And as i attempt the massive rollout, I hit a couple of snags.
Google adwords limits. HAHA.

Blackhat mentality I guess is getting to me..
S I remembered that since I have at some point spend a shitload of cash with the big G, they gave me their special adwords number to call if I need one on one assistance, so I made use of it for the first time.

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4 Months In The Making: 5 Clicks 2 Sales…

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Based on my little experiment with my new method I sort of outlined in this post, A little PPC never hurt anyone.
So, cost of clicks under $1.00
Gross Income: $39.99

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Back The F@*% UP!

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Backup your computers.
Backup your documents
Backup your files.
Back your shit up.

I did… then my computer crashed, and I had the important stuff backed up.
Being the lazy ass that I am, how did I do it?
Automatically of course…

It gets no better.

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Beta Testa Bomb…

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When I decided to stick with online marketing, eventually I found out how hard it was to stay focused.

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Don’t Get Hacked On Your Way To The Bank…

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… while drinking your Gin & Juice in The ‘Hood…

Or don use simple passwords for your servers and sites so that other people can hack into your sites and place phishig sites on them so that Bank Of America can contact you and ask you to take t=down a phishing site that you never pu up in the first place

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Blog Monetization Madness

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I “think” I have a new way to monetize my blogs.
Except its not realy new – morelike the result of actually doing what I said I would.

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