Internet Marketing Brainstorming!

Adwords Excellence

If you are in to PPC/ Adwords/ Click Flipping, go join
Adwords Excellence now.
It’s free… for now, and I am quite sure it will no longer be free soon.

Google PPC Limits

And as i attempt the massive rollout, I hit a couple of snags.
Google adwords limits. HAHA.

Blackhat mentality I guess is getting to me..
S I remembered that since I have at some point spend a shitload of cash with the big G, they gave me their special adwords number to call if I need one on one assistance, so I made use of it for the first time.

Back The F@*% UP!

Backup your computers.
Backup your documents
Backup your files.
Back your shit up.

I did… then my computer crashed, and I had the important stuff backed up.
Being the lazy ass that I am, how did I do it?
Automatically of course…

It gets no better.