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Why I HateLove WordPress manager DX

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I’ve had WordPress manager DX for over a year now.

In earlier posts, I detailed my trials tribulations ad triumphs with this software.
And now… the saga continues.

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Clickbank Case Study

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One of the very best Pay Per Click studies I have seen is on Andre Chaperon’s blog.
So much so that I printed it out.

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When Smart Marketers Go Dumb

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When good guys go bad.
When nice girls get nasty :-)
When rich peeps get….poor?

What am I on about? Well…. I am amazed. Everyday I am amazed at what people will to to sell anything packaged with a “concept” to make a living online.

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What A Scam Looks Like…

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In the tradition of crappy scammy ebooks like Day Job Killer and Duvet Dollars comes the most ridiculous premise that trounces them all:

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Dilema… Go Try This Vs Xtreme Conversions

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More thoughts..
GoTryThis. I have the black hat version
It does everything you can think of with a link: Track it, split test it, rotate URLS, redirect, embed cookies.

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Income Packages…

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Brainstorming again.
Documenting my thoughts:

Root => WP = SEO + XC
Sub => NC = PPC + XC

= $,$$$

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Xtreme Conversions – Will Make Me Rich!(er) :-)

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Xtreme Conversions aka “XC” will make me rich.
Got it a while back, sat on it while I focused on other things. Set it up yesterday, and the tracking is off the scale.
Detailed and better than I expected.
I stopped doing Pay Per Click because Google became too much of a hassle.
Then I wasn’t tracking properly (too much work) started losing money, and started to focus on other things.

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