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Free Affilliate Income Generator Review

Okay, finally got it: (Referred to it a while back)
Here’s my thoughts… I have a lot of thoughts lol. I always give my opinion on Products whether I like them or not.
I mentioned earlier that I was interested in getting this. The reason was, I was already working on a ‘super duper’ linking technique using information I had gotten from all over the place including a couple of WSOs (Warrior Special Offers).

Thank Google!

LOL. I finally took some time to figure out why my adsense wasnt showing on this site and why the site was down for so many months.
– I was hacked, and some asshole placed their adsens code instead of mine. Google found out and banned the fucker. But his code was still in my pages. I figure he took the site down to erase his doings. Luckily I had a backup.
So I looked at the pub id and it wasnt mine, sent google an email & they told me they had banned him already and to put mine back up, and voila… adsense shows again.
I promptly changed my password and Karma will hatef@ck him in the anus; lube-less no doubt.

More Day Job Killer…


I think the Law Of Attraction brought this to me. I decided N.T.T. buy it because of the trend I noticed with Affilliate Project X…. But then I was curious especially when I started seeing some bad reviews, which were the same or worse than APX received. I finally “got” a copy. And am glad I didnt pay for it. Here’s a quick rundown of a post I made in the Warrior forum about his 3 products: