Free Affiliate Income Generator

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I’m putting this up more as a reminder to get this later.

Found it interesting…. and from looking around it involves using Squidoo to create SEO traffic to affilliate programs… which sounds interesting to me.

Day Job Killer

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Anyone in Affilliate marketing has heard of this thing.
EBook to teach you to make money on Adwords.
Same guy, Chris McNeeny who wrote Adwords Miracle and Affilliate Project X.

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Back Up

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Blogs been down, been too busy to notice – so, I’m back up.
And for some reason, my adsense is gone. Fucking google lol. I suppose I should write and ask them why it says “adsense disabled” in my source code.

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Automatic Unique Blog Posts

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I am exited that I found a unique creative, clever way to make automatic “unique” posts to my blogs using RSS To Blog Or SEO Blog Builder.

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No One?

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Wow… no one cares? Hmmm…….I’m only getting automated spam comments,… ok guess I’ll keep my secrets tomyself lol.


Random General Brainstormed Thoughts! 2 Comments

I am working a a blog proect to document How I make $100/day with adsense…or rather, how I get there….I am thinkingof publishing it to this blog….thoughts?

Blogs What Next?

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Man….been blog testing like a whore.

All those programs and I finally decided on my newest stategy for blog domination.

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Blog Devastation!

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Wow….I am in the midst of preparing for the all out assault I’m been promising myself. I’ve got WordPress Manager DX (WPMDX) which I am going to be using to install blogs on the domains of my sites.

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