Internet Marketing Brainstorming!

Getting What You want from Marketing Software

So after I posted about using Conversion Equalizer, I tested out to see whther it works on Overture….it doesn’t. Only on Google.

Mindset Marketing

In continuing with the post I made about Karma, to succeeed you must believe you can.

I gear this blog toward the beginner marketer who lacks a guide to succeeed. Why? cos I was there recently..I’ve only been doing this thing for 1 year and…2 months….For 6 months, I lost money EVERYDAY…thanks to slick gurus who sold nothing products, and nothing ideas….hence this ‘anti-guru’ blog.

Putting Them Outta Business

Okay….I’ve had a little setback with my goal for this month….due to the fact I’ve been a little too successful . heh. Over at Commisison Junction (The best of the affiliate directories), I found a program I decided to promote based on the fact thats it was a PPL (Pay Per Lead Program). My first success online was due to Pay Per Lead programs, and It was due to what I read on Google Cash. Now the book google cash itself is crap….well not really..its a good “guide” but it is thin on specifics….what’s good about it is the concept…….and the PRINCIPLES behind the concept. I am a principles oriented kinda guy.