Yahoo Overture PPC Update!

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Heh. No more crappy limits on paying for visiors over at Yahoo Search (Overture).

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Adsense Clicks on Blogs

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My impressions are still improving, and I’m closing in on $10 a day now with adsense….still the onlly difference being the blogs linked to each other. I haven’t even added any more yet, as I’m busy ‘tweaking’ the process of setting up more blogs. Gonna take a few days off & then blitz some more blogs starting over the weekend.

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Conversion Equalizer: PPC Tool

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First product review. this one is about Conversion Equalizer. I bought this over a month before I started using it…I was intimidated by the fact that it was another ‘script’ which means…it will take me forever to understand & implement it & I need to be well rested & mentally focused to tackle such geekdom.

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Does Not Recommend! No Comments

I must be the only one who will post a category of stuff I DONT recommend.

I dont reccommend Gazzin dot com for webhosting. I tried them because their prices are gret…

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Money & Blogs

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I am learnig a lot lately…and it is friggin hard work.

But….The RSS2Blog forum has some rough gems of information in there…funny thing is some people dont even know it….

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Making Money With Blogs

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Here’s part of an email I sent to a fellow marketer about blogging for money:

I make most of my money with PPC….throught clickbank, although they are having problems lately which they never admit to…pisses me off. So I also do some PPC for CJ, which never has problems.

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When You buy Products…

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Make sure you can download them to any computer you wish…

Otherwise, I encourage you to get a full refund.

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Thank God For COmmission Junction! :-)

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I’m still gonan do aight today. About 6 months ago when Clickbank had its first major ‘hiccup’, I stopped making any money becaus ethey ahd what they called a “denial of service attack” (Fuck if I knwo what that means, but hey). So no one was gettign their commisisons, their site was down, etc etc.

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