Internet Marketing Brainstorming!

Back To PPC

Okay y’all, this is with a little trepidation I announce my return to the one thing that made me the most money overall: PPC. I have been away with my attempts to find friends and family projects. However, I have been unable to find the perfect one (I came close with the e-whore thing, but Craigslist & Backpage are bitches and won’t let me post at will). So, noticing my income was suffering, I decided to go back to making it all about me… for the time being anyways, and to do so, I needed to return to something I was good at. Pay Per Click marketing.

email issues solved

From my last post,i had some issues I was not aware of in the e-whoring department. It taught me just how much mis-information is out there when it comes to aking money with certain techniques. i often wonder if people go out of their way to leave ot the details that make things work. Luckily, I was able to fill in the gaps with lots of experimentation. I finally figured out how to send and receive emails from craigslist without worrying about posting the emails in the ads – which gets your ads deleted & flagged quicker.

Free Money Automated?

Annnd….. more money. As the search continues, the discovery is made. Basically with a little creativity I have what I hope is a unique way to earn… free money. Signing up for this program does more than give you cash though… although it’s nice to note that when you do, you gate $10 dollars for free. It is actually ₤5 which on America’s ever dwindling economy is exchanging at about a 2:1 ratio right now which is $10 free dollars.