Internet Marketing Brainstorming!

Domain Flipping

Well, as usual took some time to test out a new income source that I’ve heard about but never got into. Just seemed like too much (manual) work. But… upon discovering a simple breakdown of the basics I looked further into it. Especially with the intent of passing it on to friends & fam, this one appealed to me because it seemed fairly simple:

It’s Hard Out Here For A Pimp

When you tryna get tha money for tha friends and family……..
Witness my frustration. I have slaved away at creating (pimping) macros to enable friends & family be able to make some dough online. i finally settled on my “3.A.I.” method….. with a twist. After much reseach, testing and searching I figured out that articles can make you money semi-automatically. How? two ways:

PPV Is Greater Than PPC

Geez…… title sez it all. Wow. The amazing thing is.. I have only gathered “scraps” from the web about the full scope of PPV Marketing. Perhaps that is the reason for my enthusiasm… is the knowledge that I can “figure it out” on my own. And even though I KNOW I haven’t got all the info…. and that I will get a bonus from Gauher explaining it more, thanks to a bonus for purchasing a “questionable” product through his affiliate link (Mass Control *sic*)… I feel good about getting the ‘jump’ on the materials simply by testing… and I know this testing would be impossible without the tracking I talked about.

Pay Per View Marketing

Well I have alluded in my last post to the fact that I stumbled upon Pay Per View Marketing, and am completely immersed in it. It is surprising to me that I can do this well in this medium, but…. it shouldn’t be. It’s an “easier” version of PPC… and I know my PPC. I just hate the recent complications. PPV is like simplified PPC, and I’m glad it found me… because it literally did. And as it turns out I’ll probably wind up getting the Pay Per View Formula course (or at least a video of a presentation of it) from Gauher Chaudry himself. Funny how the universe works.

The Tracking Secret

What is the tracking secret? To me, it is the backbone of marketing. All marketing. But tracking has neer been my favorite thing to do in this business. In fact, in my 3+ years of Internet Marketing, I’ve never tracked anything….properly. Nothing worth noting. I’ve simply gone by my expenses versus my commissions. That’s it. Until now…

Fail More, Succeed More!

Brainflood. Too much to handle (too cold to cold). I am absolutely tired and elated, since I’ve been on a discover spree. One of the best things I’ve done is really dedicate myself to finding the friends and family solution. Why? Because it has FORCED me to test out any and all shady methods on making money online. You don’t often hear about the failures. Only the massive successes… so that you can of course purchase their products from them “even at in the morning!” lol.

This could be “nasty”

Not nasty bad, but nasty good. I”m talking about:

Yup. My never ending quest for mo’ money continues, and I wind up coming across this little site.
Normally I’m against stuff that does little dinky payments like this, but… with a little dedication… some macrofication illumination, an inspiring monetary sensation , …… it might be worth playing with. Heh. Especially if added to my other little piddly income sources; It takes many pennies to make a dollar ;-)