Internet Marketing Brainstorming!

Pay Per Click Secret

Man… when it rains it pours. Or rather when the floodgates of ideas open…. it floods!
I’ve done a LOT of PPC in my time, but quite frankly, I’ve gotten sick of it and mostly sick of “fucking google”. I hate their PPC shenanigans. So I have avoided doing business with them for a while now. Em… the fact that they banned my account for trying to trick them slightly ‘may’ have had something to to with it, lol…… but I don’t give a rat’s ass, because I found other ways to make my dough anyways, so I really don’t need them.

From $2< to >$4 A Day!

Amazing how experience and perspective change things for you.
I went back and looked at my $2 Dollar a day program, for the simple reason that my 3AI method seemed more complicated to my friend than I thought it would be. I guess I fell into the trap of assuming if its easy for me it would be easy for anyone. Well i decided to take some time to plan out how to train people better to use it.

$2 Dollars A Day!

LOL! Yeah… this is getting good. Now we have C.G.I. which after testing for a week is making me a whopping $2.00 a day. Actually it’s more like $1.87 a day or so. Obvious question – why not multiply it to make more?
Answer – the resources needed are limited….. I think I can up that amount a bit, but it takes a lot of work and I don’t believe the system is going to add more to the bottom line.

Askville Money System?

Heh heh. I haven’t finished working the kinks out of the Yahoo Answers Money System (Y.A.M.S.) and my brain(storm) uncovered Askville. So of course I have to wonder whether I can duplicate Y.A.M.S. with Askville by using the Askville Money System (A.M.S.)? WTF is Askville? Why it’s Amazons question & Answer service exactly like Yahoo Answers. Exactly. However this seems to have one benefit Yahoo Answers may not – backlink ability. Y.A. is great for ‘traffic’ but link s don’t count. he answers themselves rank in Google.

Failure Is Great!

Or Not. I mean Failure… is great or can be great if you put it into the right perspective. In my last post I mentioned how I had a feww ideas to try, and I was motivated enough to actually give it a shot. well, the first one I attempted, failed meserably.
I basically had three ideas that sound great on paper, so I decided tto knock them out as quickly as possible so I can tell if their viable or not.

More Automated Income?

Trying to focus on the next project of mine, still along the lines of the Friends & Family line of projects.
Y.A.M.S. is still making some money, but not as much as I want, C.A.M.M. is also, but I use the Y.A.M.S. to promote C.A.M.M. Problem is C.A.M.M. is a pretty complicated setup…… sow while I am still looking for automated income, I need i to be automated & easy… so easy a caveman.. or my friends & family could do it.