Internet Marketing Brainstorming!

Pay per Play Ads Review

I hate Internet marketers. Pay Per Play is the next ‘big thing” that will kill adsense (again) supposedly. And I can’t escape being spammed about it. Of course they reason to be spammed is cos you get a percentage of anyone who signs up under you – of their income from Pay Per Play. Yeah, all i know is that some people think this “might” replace adsesne in terms of popularity & easy income, but…. its too early to tell.

Yahoo Automatic Money System|Y.A.M.S.

WTF is a Yahoo Automatic Money System (Y.A.M.S.)??? Well it’s the latest product/system from the diabolical mind of yours truly. Ever since the friends & family post and my Yahoo Answers post, I’ve been trying to merge the two, and I believe I finally have it. Other money machines didn’t work out so well, but the C.A.M.M. did… in fact it worked out so well, that a simple test i set up is generating me steady income, and the promotion i did for it was on Yahoo Answers!

Ranking The Post

Speaking about ranking posts, I also looked at whether getting links to the individual post pages can change the effect of ranking the post over the homepage.
So i thought about trying to figure out a way to easily get links for posts. Not easy. The best tool to do it is Auto Social Poster. It links from your bookmarking accounts to each post (you need to get the accounts setup on each site first). However, to get blog comments from ranked blogs, would be great as well.
So I came across this post by Jonathan Ledger, who is one of the few “guru-ish” guys that I don’t dislike lol. He’s a pretty smart fella and always has interesting stuff to say, and doesn’t endorse every product that comes down the pipe for commisisons sake. Plus he seems to be a pretty gifted progammer.

Duplicate Ranking Issue

I am having some serious doubts about what the fuck I think I know about ranking with posts, and I think the issue is duplicate content. With all the tweaking I’ve done, it seems the search engines are no longer getting my damn posts. Only the home page is ranking for every new post i write which is NOT what I want to happen!!!!!!

Affiliate Internet Marketing Tip

This affiliate internet marketing tip is brought to you by wordpress! Yes, wordpress. The one tip I can start with is start a wordpress blog to do your internet marketing and make affiliate sales. I am still riding that learning curve, but… as I play with this blog a little more and tweak some settings, I see that there’ still more I hadn’t considered about wordpress, especially as I realize that some of my posts are not ranking like I thought they should.