Internet Marketing Brainstorming!

Ideas Brainstormed = Money!

As per my post a while back I still am searching for the perfect projects… but I have some new successes.

Internet Marketing Sickness And Lazy Asses


Nothing pisses me off more in this “business” than the fact that the cycle continues.
“Guru” finds way to ‘make money’, tries it and it either works or fails.
If it works he/she uses it till it no longer works then sells it as a method to make money (traffic Equalizer, Blog & Ping etc)
If it doesn’t work, they sell it anyway as a way to make money.
And then the noobies/suckers buy it because they expct to get that magic button/bullet, they read it, see it doesnt work or think it doesnt work, or in some cases realize that it should work, but………………… they never do anything about i because they have to….work.