What Secrets Does Lead Exchanging Hold?

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Hopefully I can answer that question in a few days.

This site Lead Exchanger might be key to huge money making.
Or it might be a waste of a 3 day investigation heh heh:
lead ex
Freaking mind…. always working over time… or getting distracted easily…..time will tell.

Instant Blog Links Uranus

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Or “Instant Blog Links My Ass”….

Ok… I think my reviews have been too nice lately so… all i needed was a shitty product to get back to form.
Didnt take too long to find it.

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“WTF is a trackback?” lol.

Well it’s an automated comment placed on blogs with a link back to your site which adds to…. link popularity which increases your rankings.
It’s also the name of a report by Joseph Tierney of Blogger Generator fame.

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iVillage – Backlinks?

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So… sometimes it pays to watch the boob tube.
Was watching some silly reality dating show where they asked viewers to leave their opinion on …. some “subdomain”.ivillage.com

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Social Bookmarking & Headaches

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Spent waaay too much time wrestling with RSS Bookmarker to try to make it work on more than one domain so I an automatically bookmark pages of my sites to social bookmark sites gradually.

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Pay Per Click Power…

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What the hell should I focus on?

Answer = BOTH!
Thats the main thrust of Adwords Excellence, which I highly recommend while its still free.
So now I try to create a “landing site” that’s SEO’d for success, and pay for traffic as well.
Results = both paid & free traffic.

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Google Adwords Judo/Jiu-Jitsu

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The title of this post is inspired by a report I got which i didn’t really like called Google Adsense Judo…

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Life After Adsense…

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I have been a member of another PPC paid forum, Life After Adsense, and didn’t do a review of it because…. it is lacking.
The only thing its any good for is getting the”click flipping software” and watching the case study videos. Actually I’d learned quite a lot from the method they use which is basically a non-automated version of Xtreme Conversions. And it does give you the details on how “click flipping” works….however, the membership is worth one month’s fees ($50 bucks I believe), because they have a DEAD forum, but again the software & tutorials are actually quite good.. Its just that XC automates the software part, and Adwords Excellence is free and does at least as good a job of the tutorials.

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