Back To PPC Again

Seems like I’ve made this post before, but here we are again. I guess everything goes around and comes back around full circle.

I decided I know too much about PPC to NOT take advantage of it. I also know how to keep tracking and fine tuning campaigns, so what kept me from doing it?

The tedium of having to create automated shortcuts for report creation. Also the fact that a few companies I promoted in the past no longer offer affilliate programs leading me to the realization that one cannot always rely on others. Partly why I created my own products. However it never hurts to have an influx of cash, so I’m jumping back in. Also I decided to test out Tracking 202 (self hosted Prosper 202) because I was wondering how it compares to XC (Xtreme Conversions which I have touted on here highly in the past. Well i’m glad to say it works well, because it has a couple options XC doesn’t have…. BUT XC has options it doesn’t have either. They both lack one thing though – accurate input of the ever changing commission value of the affiliate link.

And in the case of Tracking 202/Prosper 202, accurate input of the cost per click which it tries to report on based on whatever you entered initially.

I know how to improve both products, but they both work well if you know what to rely on.

one thing to note is with Tracking 202 – never use the content network UNLESS you have a separate campaign for the content network only.

This is one of those ‘secret’ PPC tips you should follow anyways, but you can skip this tip if using Xtreme Conversions because it tells you which websites your ads show up on. 202 doesn’t. Unless you create a separate campaign only for content.

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  1. Welcome back to this side of the force man. Glad to see you are back in the PPC game. I am myself as well. I gave up on PPV and i’m solely focusing on PPC and SEO right now. I’m blogging about it on my blog as well. Looking forward to seeing how it works out for you.

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