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Okay y’all, this is with a little trepidation I announce my return to the one thing that made me the most money overall: PPC. I have been away with my attempts to find friends and family projects. However, I have been unable to find the perfect one (I came close with the e-whore thing, but Craigslist & Backpage are bitches and won’t let me post at will). So, noticing my income was suffering, I decided to go back to making it all about me… for the time being anyways, and to do so, I needed to return to something I was good at. Pay Per Click marketing.

Now google had banned my adwords account about 2 years ago, so I swore off them, but I also knew how hard it was to advertise with them, so I didn’t bother. I found a few other ways to market and get traffic cheaper, albeit less consistently. Now I come back, I see things are complicated for most people. Yahoo & MSN are still fairly easy to navigate, but google is the bitch.
However, I know what to do. I dove in, and got my bearings back.
I had created macros that sped up the process for me, but I NEVER USED THEM lol.
Then I saw on the market things like “LPGEN” and “SPEED PPC”.

LPGEN is a landing page creator that creates the kinds of pages google likes – content rich, and keyword relevant for your adgroups. SPeed PPC is a program that helps create campaigns and adgroups quickly. Another similar tool is “FLash PPC”.

Well, I had ALREADY created my own versions of these. See, I already had Niche Creator, a page generator, which I use to create landing pages for any keyword. And this is what LPGen basically does. In fact Jonathan the creator is an acquaintance of mine and we met int eh niche creator forums, so LP Gen is a variation of niche creator.
Since I had it,all I needed to do was tweak it a little and not have to buy lpgen.

Then Speed PPC the campaign creator.
I created macros that took the keywords and manipulated them with excel and created the ads fo me and uploaded them into google yahoo & msn. That’s what SPeed PPC does. So without having to purchase them I had my own LPGen and SPeed PPC :-)

Took about a week to re-tweak them due to some minor changes, but I did, and…. I just uploaded my first new project a few minutes ago. Complete with tracking using Xtreme Conversions, which is still the best tracking tool out there – though it may have a slight learning curve.

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  1. excuse me if this is wrong to ask this here but i did not see any where I could . How about the yams that you promote , I have been having problems accessing the info on the website , browser goes to site but there is no content if you can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. let me know one way or the other , thanks

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