Backlink Domination: Article Marketing Robot Review

I haven’t done a review in a while, but here’s one I’m TRULY excited about; Article Marketing Robot. I’ve spread my empire far and wide on may topics for online business, but I really believe I will always come back to SEO in some manner. Even SEO for offline clients. This is what led me to AMR.

I’ve had a few ebooks published on various things I’ve done, but I will be releasing a new on on backlinking for a specific type of affiliate income. One of the main tools I will be talking about is Article Marketing Robot. Why? Well, I am amazed at what just happened. I have a site that was NOT ranking anywhere for my search terms that I was targeting. Within 2 hours of submitting articles using ARM? I am ALL OVER THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE for several search terms! Crazy shit.

Ok so here’s the breakdown of articles these days after Google’s “Panda update”. In a nutshell Panda was to rid the web of low level articles/sites so that higher quality articles/sites would show up in searches.

All well and good, but the old tactic of “bum marketing” whereby people would run articles to other sites and post an affiliate link and show up atop google… is on life support. WHy? Because those types of articles and the article directories do not rank as well as they used to. However, there is one thing that remains unaffected, and that is the “link juice” that these sites provide… even for “crappy” articles.

So what to do? Simple. write you article, use Article Marketing Robot to submit it to the directories, place a link in the articles to YOUR site…. which has the affiliate link, and watch your site show up all over google’s first page! The link juice aspect still works well!

That’s really it. Your ‘site’ can be anything from a WordPress site to a landing page or a ‘parasite’ site (Web 2.0 property) that has your call to action. Backlinks to that site ftrom the AMR powered articles gets the site ranked highly.

I use the best spinner to spin readable articles and submit them with Article Marketing to (even though AMR has its own inbuilt spinner, TBS works better). Then i submit them and wait. That’s all there is to it.

I will have a product out detailing more of this, but one of THE BEST things about Article marketing robot is the fact that you can get it for a free 5 day trial. The free trial lets you submit to 500 article directories.
You can actually do this over again by deleting ti and downloading another trial using a different email address lol. But eventually once you get used to it and see the results, you’ll want to get the full version.

I am pleased with the results of The Best Spinner and Article Marketing Robot on affiliate sites.

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