Bigger And Better Things

Since it’s been a while since I posted, i’ve sold quite a few ebooks on CLickbank. And while it does okay, there is still always potential for more stuff right? So… while dabbling in everything from PPV to CPA offers, I’ve also searched for more sustainable business income.

I think I’ve found it, but it requires me building more sites. I shall soon be transferring to another web host to facilitate this process. It all began with I read up about the site where you can buy or sell services for $5.

I figured it was a waste of time – until someone told me to sell things i can automate.
Well, being the macropimp. I decided t, and have made a few bucks pushing a button to automate some orders that come in.

I will still scale this up, since I mostly do some SEO type work. Scaling it up and offering it to businesses that need it is on of my immediate goals.

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