Duvet Dollars: 100% Total Scam Bait

And before I start coming off as warm and fuzzy, here’s a total trash fuck.
LOL. Settle down.
Duvet Dollars. It’s worse than Day Job Killer. Yes. All Flu. ( That’s fluff without the “ff”).
100% pure scam. Doesnt teach you anything. At all.
I’d give a link to it, but if you bought from my link, Karma would destroy me, so no link….

Ah screw it:
Did you get exited? Did you think you should get this and make money?
LOL. Don’t.
No Really…. want me to prove it to you? I got it… and spent no duvet dollars. I didnt even save it or print it out…. its that bad.
Don’t believe me? LOL. I don’t blame you. Two years ago would have fallen for the same hype. When did I become the moral guide of newbies?

Anyways, you can see for yourself if you follow the links very very closely… Don’t be a sucker! Its not worth reading. 2/10…. and I’m being generous…. I suspect Mr. Day Job Killer is behind this one as well going under the name “Victoria”. Anyways… enjoy your egghunt.

Page has been taken down, but uh.. do a search on google for ‘duvet dollars’ and what do you see currently at the # 2 spot?


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