Easy Blogger Creator Pro Review

So I get a program I saw advertised called Easy Blogger Creator PRO. Sales copy looks good video looks slck. I think this is what I need for my Niche Affiliate Gold Digger projects…you know my version of Niche Marketing On Crack and Free Affilliate Income Generator combined, with my own twist thrown in.

Backlinks right? Sounds easy enough. I watch the vids thinking this looks cool then i get it and the nightmare begins. The video is cool cos it goes too fast; too fast to let you see you need a phd in web design! – I dont mean website design…. oh no I mean spider web design. Yes. Thats how complicated it is to set up a project to run with this thing.
Everything runs off of text files you create BEFORE running the software. Mess up one text file and you are up shit creek. Titles of the blogs? Make a text file list. First post? Text file list. Sub headings? List. User name? list, password? ANOTHER LIST!!!!! WTF? It takes more time to set up te damn list than to use the product. The creator proudly boasted that it takes him 45 minutes to a hour to set up a project!! LMAO! The forum is FULL of people saying it takes them HOURS to set up a project.

Then to to it top off, you can only install this piece of shit on ONE computer.
Now let me say something – best way to piss people off is tell them they can only install software on one computer.
Dumb for business. I asked them to remove this limit and was met with a resounding “No”. So I got my refund. That was the last straw. Bottom line, it sounds good for creating massive blogs on your site or on blogger. But there’s a saying about shit covered in flowers….
When it takes longer to set up a project than it does to use it, you might as well do it manually!!!! Bottom line, don’t waste your time with Easy Blogger Creator.

I did the smart thing and got Blogger Generator Instead. Review coming soon.

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  1. Hi All,

    I have purchased Easy Blogger Pro and think it’s fantastic. I have over 500 blogs and each one takes about 45 minutes to a hour to build, after a week of watch the video’s and learning the product. I’d like to see you pump out and maintain 500 blogs manually and earn a income from them, not only from adsense but from data feeds and it give the ability to find a niche market to link back to your own money sites. THUMBS UP FOR EBC. Love it…..I think you didn’t take the time to learn the product. And as far as the support goes, it’s gold, ask a question you get an answer.

  2. Dean, your opinion is welcome, but it is definitely different from mine.
    The problem with your post is that you say it took you a week to learn it.
    Which is mypoint exactly. It is far too complicated and needs far too many text files. Even people who like it say the same thing.

    It took me a day to learn Bloger generator… maybe two.
    If EBC were smarter, they would utilize ONE csv file instead of dozens of text files and a lot of brain dead planning i. e. time wasted…
    And with blogger generator, I can use it on any computer I wish. That ust works better for me.

  3. Just because there is a learning curve, doesn’t make the software crap, IMHO. It seems that your real argument is that they didn’t let you have more copies than you were entitled to. You complained, you got a refund. Seems fair enough to me.

  4. I have had bad products before, and have requested a refund. Not once did I ever post a vindictive review. As a matter of fact, I erased any trace I had on my computer of the product.

    This comment “But there’s a saying about shit covered in flowers….” sounds like what Paul Harvey says, “And now the rest of the story. Pretty Funny!

    Sounds like there is something else to this. A lot of anger usually means a request was not granted, or deserved. Not good Karma :)

  5. I have to agree with what Charlie said about the installation restriction. I bought Easy Blogger and immediately installed it on my laptop while I was sitting in front of the television. I didn’t realize that it was a single install until I tried to set it up on my desktop the next day.

    Surprise. I sent an email explaining the situation and I got a concession to remove it from the laptop and install it on the desktop. Would I have rather installed it on two computers? You bet. I spend half my time at work and half at home (more at work these days). I do a lot of my IM stuff at work, and not having Easy Blogger there is tough.

    But I think that the software is well worth it. It draws from all of those sources mentioned in one of the other comments and kicks out a massive number of blogs. So you have to answer the question for yourself. For me, knowing what I know about the restrictions and the setup time (and the payoff) I’d give it a BIG yes. But everyone has to decide for themselves.

  6. “Now let me say something – best way to piss people off is tell them they can only install software on one computer.”

    You’re an idiot. Software is not a pair of shoes. There are plenty of people in the world that realize this is how things should work, and happily pay for the software regardless. Just because you’re not intelligent enough to use software, and think that you should be able to install it on all your friend’s machines doesn’t make your opinion the majority. Opinion it is, and your right to have it is there… but be known that it’s an unreasonable request by society’s standards.

  7. Well, Nick, you faceless fucking douchebag, lol. I’m an idiot because I dont believe in overly complicated software that you can only install on one computer?

    What’s your excuse for being a cunt?
    In a perfect world, I would give a shit about your opinion, and in a perfect world I would love every software that was released. In a perfect would I would delete your comment; but as anonymous internet trolls go, you are mildly entertaining, so keep bringing it.
    In the meantime perhaps you can crawl back to the EBC forum and tell them how you “told me off” eh?

    John that was what I did. installed on my laptop, cos I travel a lot, then tried to install on my desktop, later and went through the whole deal with being unable to use it, went through the emails & everything. just not worth th hassle.

    Bottom line, I am fortunate to have the mental acuity t explain what I like or do not like about anything I buy. I guess people liek “Nick” with IQ levels of run over cat litter have a slightly different view of the world when they disagree with people’s opinons eh?

    I have NEVER hought anythign that requires install on one computer, and I’ve bought a lot of shit.
    I have never bought software that was supposed to make a task easier that takes longer to set up… than the actual task itself.
    Funny… EVERYONE who likes the program is agreeing with me steep learnign curve’, “takes too long to set up”, “is complicated”.

    I dunno, but I think that is exactly what I said. :-)
    Meanwhile get Blogger Generator which does the job and is far easier to install and use :-)

  8. Hi, have to say I disagree about it being a piece of shit. Yes it does take a little time to setup a project but you have to remember that time gets divided by the total number of blogs you’re creating for those keywords. I was a little intimidated by all of the files required. to setup a project in the beginning but after I realized the easiest way to do it is to just duplicate the sample project and then edit each file it’s not that bad. I can setup a new project in about 30 mins not counting the time it takes me to edit the articles file. I would say that it depends on how many articles I’m using but for 7-10 it takes about 30 mins. to complete.

    So 1 hours time to pump out 20-500 blogs is a good trade off for me. In addition I can manage all of the blogs from within the software which is a huge plus. I really think you are being way to hard on the creator and should really back off a bit. Even if you don’t like the software there’s no way it’s a piece of shit. Also, to all the other readers of this blog if you think that Mr. nasty has done you a favor by posting such an outrageous blog post think again. He’s playing games with you, hold your mouse over the link above for “Blogger Generator” and you’ll notice the affiliate code in the hop link leading to the sales page. He’s making a great product sound bad while twisting the truth and getting you to click on his link so he can make money from the sale if you buy.

    Now that’s the real truth here. I would be willing to bet he never even purchased the software that he’s bashing!


  9. “I have NEVER hought anythign that requires install on one computer, and I’ve bought a lot of shit.”

    No, you’ve bought plenty – they just don’t enforce it the way you’ve described. You are still breaking the law by doing so, regardless of whether it’s physically enforced or not. Try reading that EULA before installing some time. This goes for your operating system, office tools, and just about any other software you’ve had to pay for.

  10. “He’s playing games with you, hold your mouse over the link above for “Blogger Generator” and you’ll notice the affiliate code in the hop link leading to the sales page.”

    LOL. Just freshly graduated affiliate marketing school have we?

    “I would be willing to bet he never even purchased the software that he’s bashing!”

    Double LOL. I must be pyschic then. Seeing how I know it works with text files or that you can only install on one machine. Yup. I’m psychic.

  11. EBC is not for everyone, but if you take your time to learn it, it becomes a massive earner. Perhaps Scott could have made it easier to have it installed on 2 PC’s like asking for a username and password each time you start it, but it could also complicate things if you work on several projects at the same time. It took me 2 weeks to browse through all of the videos of EBC and free software that comes with it, but hay now I have learned it and can continue to make money with it for a long time. Many of us want no brainers but I like to know what I’m doing and to have as much control as possible and EBC gives you that. Also EBC costumer support is one of the best I have seen so far!

  12. Dhira, EBC gives you complete flex-ability to what you wish. That means you don’t have to use all the functions if you don’t want to but they are there. There is nothing worse than have an application that limits what you want to do. I think EBC is a great application and worth every cent. As i said before the support and the video’s are excellent. With any good product it takes time to learn. I’d like to see someone use Dreamweaver proficiently in 2 day or Flash 8 or Photoshop CS do I go on…EBC can be up and running in minutes and the resource are there with a growing community to help you along the way. Within a week I had over 100 blogs up and running.

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