email issues solved

From my last post,i had some issues I was not aware of in the e-whoring department. It taught me just how much mis-information is out there when it comes to aking money with certain techniques. i often wonder if people go out of their way to leave ot the details that make things work. Luckily, I was able to fill in the gaps with lots of experimentation. I finally figured out how to send and receive emails from craigslist without worrying about posting the emails in the ads – which gets your ads deleted & flagged quicker.

THis opens up possibilities. WIth the test run I did, I already made about $20 bucks with an hour of “work”, with no ad spend. Now it’s been set up to where I can repeat the process every couple of days. If this keeps going, then may have finally found the friends and family resolution.

Th next thing I need to do, is use the same format to test out “e-jobbing”. Hopefully more on that to come soon.

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