Funnelytics: Review of THE Funnel Mapping & Tracking Tool

One of the things I have been doing lately is getting into marketing funnels, and discovering new tools like Funnelytics. Having been busy with life, work, and more, I haven’t had much time to play around with all the plans I have. But as an entrepreneur, I have looked for the quickest, easiest ways to produce a profit with business ventures. Marketing funnels are all the rage. Consequently, I stumbled upon the best funnel mapping tool I could find.

Initially, all I wanted was a way to diagram out the products I was selling; both as an affiliate and as a product owner. I came across a way to do so with various diagram software. Consequently, I was alwways on the lookout for the best ones. Enter Funnelytics. This stopped me in my tracks because the diagram mapping seemed easy on the eyes. It wasn’t until I creted my free account that I realized they had a whole analytics engine behind it – if you purchase the “Pro” version.

Since I worked with a lot of analytics and am a fanatic about tracking (as you can see in my older posts), this caught my attention, so I decided to upgrade to the pro version.

I had to try it And try it I did. I started “converting” some of my old “funnel diagrams” to Funnelytics, and I loved the ease of the visual mapping. I am a visual learner and producer (thanks to my art background I suppose). But more importantly, I love the fact that by installing the tracking code on your website or product funnel, you can “see” the results of the traffic you send to the entry of the funnel, right up until the sale.

Now I must caution that it is not perfect yet. There are many constant improvement s being made tot he pro version of Funnelytics, including speed optimization of the analytic reporting. But res assured, this is one group of people who are constantly listening to users suggestions and literally adding them as they go along.

It is currently available to upgrade tot he pro version fro a one time fee, but as they continue to add more and it eventually comes out of “Beta” testing, it will be a monthly fee. The owner Mikael Dia has vowed that his goal is to be on par with Google Analytics. A very tall order if you ask me, (especially since Google Analytics is free), but a lofty goal to have.

I give it the highest recommendation for the mapping tool and a relatively high one for the analytics of the funnel – only because this is where improvements still need to be made, as there are stills some bugs that are constantly being ironed out. All-in-all though, every indication is that they will be worked out; and I think this is one powerful visual funnel mapping tool and funnel reporting software rolled into one. As such, I do recommend setting up the free account with. If you like it, you can upgrade to the pro version of Funnelytics.

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