Instant Blog Links Uranus

Or “Instant Blog Links My Ass”….

Ok… I think my reviews have been too nice lately so… all i needed was a shitty product to get back to form.
Didnt take too long to find it.

First I guess since I’ve been more focused on what i need (ways to automate getting one way backlinks for my sites) I have been able to net get distracted by crap products.

So, I checked my email & saw a new one called “Instant Blog Links”. For getting & psting comments to blogs for backlinks.
With a little trepidation i noticed it was from Jeff Alderson & his new partner Rod Beckith or something… trepidation because once upon a time a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, jeff used to produce some bomb ass software… Conversion Equalizer, Traffic Equalizer, Adwords Analyzer… etc.

Then somewhere along the line he started producing products for the sake of producing products. I dont remember the last decent thing he made…..and he makes a lot. Dude pumps out like 1 new product a week it seems…

Instant Blog Links is no exception. Iit is to put it mildly… an absolutely shit product. Yup. GREAT sales page… hey I, Mr. “Cant fool me” was sucked in…… but once I got it, and actually tried it… I realized
– the posts do NOT post to the blogs it finds.
– you can only post to one blog at a time
– it doesn’t differentiate between sites & blogs, nor does it get urls for the blogs…

I tested some links & went to the blogs/sites, and they were not there, or they could not be posted to those sites….
yet the program has a “log file” of your “posts” lol… its should be called “attempted posts”. Nothing goes through at all.

$100 ripoff.
What sucks the most is I had “macro-cized” a way to automate the whole process…. a whole day lost I can never get back.

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