Interesting way to make adsense income

While working on my friends and family finalization,I discovered an interesting site here. Why?I mean nothing spectacular right? Well if you look at the ads it’s nothing but a google adsense site. However it’s how he’s getting traffic to it that’s interesting.

I found it on I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s on craigslist as well. Basically people search for work and see ads on the site and SOMEHOW, his ads show his adsense on it!!!! Yup… his ads on backpage somehow iframe his adsense into the ad itself… So when people click the ads on backpage… this guy gets paid. Normally I’m not too hot on adsense these days, but if you can get free traffic from Backpage & Craigslist and they click our ads…your in 100% profit.

The conversion rate must be high because they don’t have to click a link to his site first… the ads have adsense in them. that’s what’s bizarre…. Might be worth looking into and testing the duplication.

On second thoughts, upon re-visiting my backpage strategies, I remember that you used t be able to post with iframe codes. However, they stopped it due to abuse.,,…. but maybe that was only for the ‘dating’ section. maybe it’s still allowed for the other sections, and this guy is iframing his adsense – from his site, into the ad. I bet that’s what it is….

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  1. Actually, I think what he did is: You can get a url of your adsense block.

    Then place that in an iframe code.
    I’m thinking that’s what he did.

    However, the thing that is strange is that backpage doesn’t get a ton of traffic, and you have to constantly post to get the traffic as your ads drop off the page… but the concept does work.

  2. sorry if this is out of place but I have trying to speak to Dhira for sometime about some program call yams . This was an offer on warrior , that you had complete some trails and then you could get the program but now I go to the site and there is no content , Dhria any assistance you could me would be greatly appreciated . excuse this but is this system a joke ,in other words something that does not work . just let me know one way or the other. I can’t afford to waste my time I am in a difficult situation and need to find a way of making more money

  3. Hi julio,

    Sorry about that.
    Seems GoTryThis took a glitch on me.

    in fact it was your comment that made me realize it was all screwed up.

    Try it now; it should be fixed

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