Life After Adsense…

I have been a member of another PPC paid forum, Life After Adsense, and didn’t do a review of it because…. it is lacking.
The only thing its any good for is getting the”click flipping software” and watching the case study videos. Actually I’d learned quite a lot from the method they use which is basically a non-automated version of Xtreme Conversions. And it does give you the details on how “click flipping” works….however, the membership is worth one month’s fees ($50 bucks I believe), because they have a DEAD forum, but again the software & tutorials are actually quite good.. Its just that XC automates the software part, and Adwords Excellence is free and does at least as good a job of the tutorials.

So in a nutshell, I do not give this a full recommendation….but….. you can gain a lot from the stuff they have, and I would recommend it for one month membership… the stuff you get is at least worth that much, but beyond that, there’s no value, so if you ceck it out, download all their stuff within a month & study it, but dont expect anything new after your first month at Life After Adsense.

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