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I think the Law Of Attraction brought this to me. I decided N.T.T. buy it because of the trend I noticed with Affilliate Project X…. But then I was curious especially when I started seeing some bad reviews, which were the same or worse than APX received. I finally “got” a copy. And am glad I didnt pay for it. Here’s a quick rundown of a post I made in the Warrior forum about his 3 products:

“There were maybe a couple of things I wish were explained better in a couple of his products”
– Word.

“Affiliate Project X was very dull. It doesn’t take long for someone with experience to read the program and see that Chris isn’t sure what he’s talking about. How he managed to stretch it to more than a paragraph I’ll never know.”
– Word.

Frankly… APX was not “bad” it just wasn’t detailed enough. Period. Too much left in between the lines. 2 of the 6 techniques are any good but need some details. The rest are fluff and filler.

Adwords Miracle is the best thing he’s ever done and honestly, he over delivers on it big time.
Why the good techniques from APX were not included in AWM (or an update) is beyond me (besides he gets more $$$$ from a new book than an update). Its not an ebook; its more like a cliff notes filler. Definitely NOT for beginers. AWM is perfect for beginers and experienced. Honestly, AWM is excellent. APX is okay.

Don’t get me started on DJK which is just nonsesnse – I almost dont believe it was written by the same person. Its almost as is he’s written a book on how to fail at Adwords lol. Some of that stuff will make you lose money FAST or give you weeks of sleepless nights of testing till they work, and there are better way to make it work.

That amazon example is just asking for lost wages.
Direct Linking X is sad. I know a far better technique for direct linking which I got in a far superior WSO.
AWM – 10/10
APX – 7.5/10
DJK – 5/10 (see a trend?)

Bottom line I definitely do NOT recommend DJK. It is a pile of horseshit. Really…. well mabybe not quite horse shit, but I am really shocked at the shoddiness of this book. It is amazing to me. I absolutely recommend Adwords Miracle. APX is “iffy”; if you already have experience, then go for it, but don’t expect too much.

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  1. Hey, I came thru the Warrior Forum on your blog. Just wondering about the WSO ur referring to? Would it still be obtainable? Anyway, I think I saw you around LAA membership when I was a member too…informative blog..will subscribe

  2. Hey rabs, the WSO i’m refering to is “Adwords Counterstrike”.
    Here’s a lil tip. Look it up in google and download what you find ;-)

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