Moving To A New Host

So here I am moving web hosts again. This is one of those pains of having an internet bizness.
Anywhays, I have gotten tired of Liquidweb.
Their server is usually fine. they just have one small problem – they take forever to follow up on support requests.

So i moved to a new host. I have some problems with the migration, but we’ll see how they handle it when all’s said and done.

For now though, LiquidWeb sucks doonkey ass. This was my final review of the final ticket that they failed to help e out with;

    Please comment on how well the support request was handled

The support request was handled shittily.
No respponse till I replied SEVERAL times.
And on top of that?

Nothing was fixed.
Yes, you suck.

    How may we better serve you in the future?

You won’t be serving me in the future cos this was the last straw. I am cancelling my account and moving to another host.

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