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Another one…
Good to know there are some amazing quality products amidst all the garbage sold online by marketing ‘gurus’. This is one of them. I had to get it because I already had FAIG and KNM. Together those two complete a plan for making some serious affilliate income. but I was intrigued because as I was preparing my world domination with those products, I had a vision…. a diagram of how to put them together with a “twist” The twist was what page to use.

Then I heard about Niche Marketing On Crack. I read the reviews I read the sales page. Then I knew. I had drawn a diagram of the “twist” BEFORE I heard of this book, and this twist was the foscus of NMOC!!! I basically planned to use FAIG & KNM to create the ultimate affilliate funnel which I tentatively called affillite diamond. Whack ass name I know, but it will do for now lol.

Well NMOC is the final word of confirmation of my psychic ability lol. In a nutshell; anyone who reads this and doesn’t put it to work is retarded. I am in the middle of building macros to automate the linking from FAIG with everything in NMOC. This book is simply a 10/10! All 3 combined are a sound plan. Not much else to say really, but I will be placing this into my action portfolio. It’s all about tha SEO… I Highly recommend this one.

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