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Ever since I decided to add “author” to my online marketing resume, I realized I’ve written something like 5 eBooks!!!
And they’ve been a nice extra source of income. But more importantly, they are more documentations of techniques or methods I have used.

One of them is on the much popularized Google places listing, about getting clients ranked on Google for their business local keywords. Funny thing is that sometimes writing a book about getting clients can land you more clients. And that just happened. I realized not long ago that while getting “cash” from CPA and PPC marketing, etc is gratifying, it isn’t as gratifying as having a “business”; or business assets. Well by focusing on consulting with offline businesses and using my online marketing skills, I can build a real consulting business, and that is one of the paths I am aiming to expand.

The potential is huge. the only thing that has slowed me down is not liking the ‘cold calling’ aspect of selling myself. however, writing an ebook about it has indirectly been a beacon of focus, so I shall continue. Everything else will be put on the secondary list (but never abandoned), as having business assets is or should be a top priority. i’m amazed at how much I do know even if I do say so myself. I’m looking forward to this.

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