Pay Per Click Prophecy – PPC Domination?

PPC Prophecy. The newest in a long line of Pay Per Click products.

It’s about to launch.
When it does, get it.

This one I am more attached to than most other products out there, because I “sort of” had a hand in it’s creation.
Long story shot, this is one of those reviews of a product that i use and recommend highly. It was released as a special offer a while back, and at first I wasn’t impressed, not because it was bad, but because there were a few ‘gaps’ that made it not stand out from the masses of choices out there… there was nothing secret about it…so I gave it my usual “review”

And then, something strange happened:
To show you what I mean, here is the review I gave the product the SECOND TIME (yes, second time ) it was released:

” Well, here’s what I’ve got to say about PPC Prophecy.
I bought it the first time and didn’t like it, and was very vocal about that.

Then a series of events put in place by Dane himself has completely changed my perception of both the package and of Dane himself.
After giving my less-than-impressed review, Dane contacted me. He told me he intended to improve the product and re-release it. I wondered why he contacted me. Well simply put, where most people would be offended my a negative review, Dane reached out to me and asked me if I could reveiw the new version. that alone was impressive.

When I read it, I was very pleasantly surprised. He had taken the weaknesses in the first book and added to and explained them further. I reviewed it and told him how much better it was, and made several suggestions, based on (a) questions I had, and (b) questions you guys would have.

A few days later, he sent the final product with every suggestion in it, and more.
All I can say is I am blown away by it, because it is seamless and cohesive.
I’ve seen a lot of PPC products and this one is complete:

* Products he makes sales with
* Rare affiliate networks
* The “main” magic keyword that drives targetted sales & a tip related to it
* Anti-Google slap! (This section is great)
* Domain “usage” – this is really great – I know cos that’s how i’ve been using it

A bunch more stuff.
Basically, this is what something called “PPC Prophecy” should be: A full on prediction on how to make profits with PPC.

I am sure you will find stuff you haven’t seen in other ebooks etc. thats what my suggestions were made on – a request to add some details and some “meat” to the product to make it stand out, and boy…. Dane delivered big time.

To me, the best part of it is the templates he gives you! And the actual pages built from the template. Now, we’ve all read about list building… I’ve never seen a template like this, and yes, it is 100% GOOGLE COMPLIANT!
I guarantee I will be using these templates from now on.

Bottom line is this;
If you were on the fence before, get it.
Perfect for newbies, because it has just about everything you need.
Perfect for PPC experts, because even though some stuff you’ve seen before, I guarantee you haven’t seen it all in one package like you will with PPC Prophecy.
Once you get it, my only suggestion is to go through every file, every page, everything in the package… it’s more than just an ebook…

I fully recommend it and give mad props to Dane for taking the opportunity to deliver an amazing PPC product.”


I think it’s self explanatory. I now consider Dane a friend – any one who can take my unimpressed review and turn it into an amazing product has a lot of character, and I feel he truly wanted to make a product worthy of the name PPC Prophecy.
I see the launch will be for $47 bucks which is a steal with al you get. After 500 sales, it goes to $97, so…you know what to do.

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