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Man… when it rains it pours. Or rather when the floodgates of ideas open…. it floods!
I’ve done a LOT of PPC in my time, but quite frankly, I’ve gotten sick of it and mostly sick of “fucking google”. I hate their PPC shenanigans. So I have avoided doing business with them for a while now. Em… the fact that they banned my account for trying to trick them slightly ‘may’ have had something to to with it, lol…… but I don’t give a rat’s ass, because I found other ways to make my dough anyways, so I really don’t need them.

Now as I go through my friends & family research, I ave found a LOT of different ways to make money online that I probably wouldnt have found is I was still a slave to adwords. The irony is I am very good at PPC, but google is a fuckstick bitch who doesn’t know what she wants… bitch lol.
Anyways, while perusing other forums including my favorite new blackhat one, I discovered a post about a new technique ‘somewhat related’ to PPC. Then I read it. It was a post about a product called Pay Per Click Formula. And the post was about something related to what is on the slaes page. It reminded me of a technique he promised to reveal in his $800 dollar course.

I never got the cours cos it’s $800 dollars and google banned my account so…

However, this post reminded me of the FOCUS of that section of his course. and it reminded me of a truism. “If you are going to pay for traffic…. you better get your money’s worth.” That’s my quote when I discovered this ‘technique’ on my own waaaay before the PPC course.
Then this course has a whole section on it.
Then I see the post highlighting that section in a different light…. it dawned on me.
I know what it is.
It’s a virtually guaranteed way to make sure you make serious cash with PPC.
What is that technique?

Well, there is one place you’ll find it for a whole lot less than $800 bucks.
I’ve mentioned it before, and I will again.
PPC Prophecy.
Yup… the ENTIRE book is about the one technique and even though you “can” focus on other types of keywords? why would you?
You are paying for keywords, so… pay for the best. You are worth it “you’re good enough, you’re smart enough and gosh darn it, people like you“. :-)


Seriously, I now see PPC Prophecy in a new light.
It is worth getting and ONLY using the keywords it tells you to. That’s it.
An there’s a way to find only those keywords only. Read PPC Prophecy to find out.

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