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Well I have alluded in my last post to the fact that I stumbled upon Pay Per View Marketing, and am completely immersed in it. It is surprising to me that I can do this well in this medium, but…. it shouldn’t be. It’s an “easier” version of PPC… and I know my PPC. I just hate the recent complications. PPV is like simplified PPC, and I’m glad it found me… because it literally did. And as it turns out I’ll probably wind up getting the Pay Per View Formula course (or at least a video of a presentation of it) from Gauher Chaudry himself. Funny how the universe works.

I’ve also read of people making ridiculous money with it… and dropping PPC in favor of PPV. I can see why. However, the basics of PPC are still needed in order to succeed with PPV. Namely… tracking is HIGHLY necessary. But the quality score bullshit introduced by google is a thing of the past with PPV.

For me tough, I had to take it a step further…, and I found some interesting ways to use PPV. Along with a tool or two I never used much. By creating a macro or two, I can now upload advertisements quickly. As a matter of fact, I predict that once this medium becomes popular, there will be more tools coming out to automate PPV as there are now to automate PPC (Speed PPC etc). And yes, this method has a chance of being ‘saturated’, because you still have to pay for traffic, and I notice a little bidding war going on here & there… but nothing major… yet. Although I d predict many will lose lots of money unless they narrowly focus their campaigns.

All in all, I’ve been looking for one or two project to be my main endeavours online, and I think it will be PPV, PPC & SEO’d WordPress blogs that will be my 3 focus points from now on, while 3AI will be what I pass on to friends & family to start them on their road to online success. But man… PPV the way “I” do it… rocks……….so far.

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  1. Indeed, PPV does rock, most definitely!

    I’m not sure who you are, but I found your blog by accident, if you believe in such things. Perhaps we should put our heads together on PPV and see what happens… ;)


  2. Jon,

    my what a short memory we have…. lol.

    I believe in such things as you’d see if you look around this mess of a blog.
    Maybe it’s the facelift that threw you off?

    Everyone say hello to the original macro king.
    I’m just the macro pimp.

    Yes, I’m u for putting heads together on PPV and sharing & keeping it on the DL.
    Remember the good ol’ days of NC? Yep still got UNC around here somewhere.

    Will get in touch.

  3. Hey, I would like to talk to you about PPV marketing as well. I’ve been at it for some time now with okay results as well. I love these techniques. Did you get PPVF. It rocks. Looks get together and brainstorm some ideas

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