With 3 different prducts coming out, time to get back on the PPC track.
I’m looking at www.payperclickformula.com
which comes out the same day as:
and a couple weeks later:

Interesting. Well….. Rich Jerk is apparently releasing this software with a “training course” for over $1,000 that tracks keywords conversons – my main pain in the ass.
PayPerClick Formula is the one I’ve followed most – see the Science of getting rich online in the sidebar on this page.
The last one is a spy & copy your competitors ads & keywords program. I got it when it was called competition dominator & never used it lol.

Now speaking of the Rich jerk, the guy(s) is really a jerk. I think the way he set up the affillite Xray is a ripoff. 1,ooo bucks for a coaching program that “includes” the software. i got a superior software on the WSO forum that kicks ass and has promised upgrades – Its called. Xtreme Conversions. This is “the one”. lol. More on it soon

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