The Lazy Marketer Review|Confessions Of A Lazy Super Affiliate

Lazy marketer, lazy affiliate. Nice buzz words. So what is this product about? It’s another ebook promising lazy way to internet marketing success as a “lazy affilliate“. Well my inquisitive self decided to get this one as a special offer and checked it out.
Something I’d never done before is… I read the damn sales page like 3 times.
And learned something from it.
I suggest you do to at the lazy marketer.

In fact, here’s a littelsomething… I wrote the author , Chris the following review:

I just wanted to add to the glowing reviews.
This is like an all-in-one affiliate marketing book. I also liked your sales page so much I read it 3 times!

I have most of this info spread out between about 7 ebooks, WSO’s etc, and this put them together nicely, in sequence. Very impressive.

I knew about the freeware technique before i bought it, because – because I got the WSO you mention in the book, and I had the “too many links too fast” concern.
The way you use it is different from that method (backlinks only) and that ALONE opened my eyes. The backlink method – you were right didn’t “work”, but… the purpose you suggest, is golden.
I will be using this method by itself alone. In fact I will PM you for a little more detail.

I wouldn’t say this is for newbies at all. It’s better for people who have been struggling and need to focus their efforts in a sequence. Or they could pick ONE thing (getting backlinks/SEO for their sites etc), and that section alone delivers the goods.

By the way the “double whammy” on page 43 made me say “WHOOO!” out loud like 3 times… cos I know it would concentrate the effect, especially after buying another WSO on that… network.
It jut impressed me that I’ve got all these WSO’s on each topic you cover in ONE WSO. And you “clean them up”.

This is the shizznit. I highly recommend it.

Yup.. that’s what I told the author. All true, all how I feel.
It’s been a while since I did a review because even thogu I still get products, they still mostly suck.
The traffic generation alone on this puppy is what I use for getting backlinks, but now knowing I can generate a separate income stream made me add it to the list of things I’m going to do.
which I think might fit the “freinds & Family” thing well… very much in the “lazy affiliate” mode.

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