The Tracking Secret

What is the tracking secret? To me, it is the backbone of marketing. All marketing. But tracking has neer been my favorite thing to do in this business. In fact, in my 3+ years of Internet Marketing, I’ve never tracked anything….properly. Nothing worth noting. I’ve simply gone by my expenses versus my commissions. That’s it. Until now…

But why haven’t I been tracking? Too tedious. Takes time and effort.I’d rather just put something online & see how much I make. The quicker the better.Tracking requires planning. However, I’ve always known that success lives or dies by knowing how much you spend and how much you make and where you spend what you spend on trying to make what you make. but I’ve been too lazy… till now.In the last 3 weeks or so, I’ve discovered tracking in a big way and I’m going to reveal something about Pay Per CLick (and Pay Per View) advertising that you’ve probably not heard before. But first, here’s how I got to my revelation:

My FIRST forray into IM was PPC. I stumbled, I fell, I got back up, I lost a lot of money till I finally figured how to make a lot of money. Even then I only did “eyeball tracking”. Why? well I loved the whole “google cash” concept. It was easy: Find a product choose keywords enter your affilliate link into adwords and spend some money while you make more.

I liked easy, and day to day I could simply glance at my expenses “Oh i spent about $200 today… how much did I make? Oh I see I made about $600, so that’s a profit of about $400. Good enough.” Then it got complicated. Competitors arrived, Google became a high maintenance bitch, etc. I buckled down did some tracking off and on and noticed that when I actually paid attention to details regularly it forced me to make decisions that cut my costs & increased profits. But…………..I never had a system in place, so when I stopped looking at the details, income suffered.

Then I purchased Xtreme Conversions & joined Life After Adsense. Tracking software! AHA! So I implemented it, but even then it was too much work to get the reports regularly. So being lazy, I went back to eyeballing it. Then I heard of Gauher Chaudry’s “Pay Per Click Formula” in which he supposedly laid out all the steps to successfull campaigns, and what stood out for me was the fact that in his course he was offering spreadsheets which he used for tracking purposes.I contacted him about it and immediately became impressed with tis guy – he come soff with a no BS air about him. Straightforward and honest and meticulous. It was then I discovered why I liked hm . He, like me, is an ex accountant. Then it clicked his attention to detail and his intricate tracking spreadsheets were his weapon of mass production. Ironically, I didn’t track because it reminded me too much of my accounting days. What a fool I’ve been. By following his progress & other’s talk of him I was able to see “why” he succeeds well; information, details, decisions, adjustments – all done with proper tracking.

Then, while looking for this friends & family thing, I heard he had a new method out called Pay Per View formula. Dues to some strange circumstances, I was able to gather more than enough information to figure out what it is all about, and after some thought, decided to test it for myself.

Best decision I’ve made for my business. Why? Well…. as soon as I figured out the workings of this method, not only did it remind me of the good ol google cash days (it’s actually simpler – no ads to write!), but I realized that in order to make ANY serious money, I would have to track revenues and sxpensesdoewn to the last detail. The chicken had come home to roost.

So… i got one of his sample spreadsheets and redesigned it according to MY specifications. And now, I have this gargantuan monster tracking spreadsheet specifically for PPV marketing. With some slight adjustments, I was able to copy it for PPC also. It took about 3 days to create for PPV, and another 2 to create for PPC. But I did nothing but that. Meanwhile I stopped my PPV advertising because I wasn’t tracking tit. When I put the tracking in place, boy was I glad…. I could have lost my shirt. Down to the keywords, I could tell what was making me money, what was losing me money and I was able to do the grandaddy IM “thing” of them all. I “adjusted” my advertising/bids/campaigns.

It feels so good. Now EVERY decision I make is an informed one, backed by tracking numbers.It took a long time to set up my tracking, but I realized I was really ready for it. I now fully understand what my former accounting CFO’s and supervisors were trying to accomplish. I now remember every reporting importance I ever dallied in. It’s create. Now I’m my own fortune 500 company with a tracking a machine to boot.
And guess what I added? A macro that downloads the reports from teh advertising companies and enters them into my mega spreadsheet. This took about 36 hours to create, but boy does it save time. I am quite pleased with this. I will repeat the process for my PPC Campaigns also, but right now, I am making more with PPV (I only have a couple PPC campaigns left). But here’s my big revelation:

For succeeding in Pay Per Click (or Pay Per View) marketing, not only must you track every single penny, keyword campaign, but YOU MUST SET UP A TRACKING SYSTEM IN PLACE FIRST BEFORE YOU EVER BEGIN DOING ANY KIND OF PPC MARKETING!!! PERIOD!!!

This is the “secret” that no one emphasizes. Everyone leaves it till the END of their ebooks.
If I were to write on, this would be the first chapter. – tracking – set up Xtreme Conversions. Set up a reporting spreadsheet. Make sure it allows you to track adgroups, keywords bids, and campaigns, as well as you overall profitability.
Then and only then should you begin to look for products to promote.

That’s it. Track FIRST, before you “test” People say ‘test and track’ nope, i say track then test. That way you have a fail safe successful system in place before you lose your shirt. I didn’t buy Pay Per Click Formula because I knew I wouldn’ use it till I was ready. Now that I’m tracking, I’m ready even though I know most of what’s on there, but interestingly, to purchase the Pay Per View Formula course you can only do so if you purchased PPCF.. lol. I may yet do so since I am now actively doing both. But if it wasn’t for the tracking, I wouldn’t even think of it. So track, track track, before you test test test.

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  1. Tracking is everything. I use the Google analytics for mine.

    There are many things you can do with the analytics, and I am still figuring them out. I know the biggest step for me in this was setting up a “goal” and then being able to track the conversions from all of the traffic.

    I now know the ones converting, so I am trying to expand in those types of methods.

    And of course, test. Don’t spend a bunch of money until you test.

    Good article!


  2. Thanks Mike.

    I have yet to play with google analytics – a little paranoia about the fact that they know too much about you when you use enough of their tools, but I may yet test it out.

    For now though tracking PPC & PPV results down to the last penny is like a revelation for me, even though I’ve always known how to do it.

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