ThriveCart Payment Processor Review

As I have shifted towards wanting to create my own products, I have chosen to do so with a payment processor called ThriveCart. The journey to selecting ThriveCart has been an interesting one. For a while, now, I have experienced and executed multiple avenues of online marketing. And without a doubt, the best way forward is to produce your own products that bring in a supplemental or main income source. In doing so, I have had limited success in building marketing funnels to offer digital products.

The challenge with marketing funnels is that you have to sell and collect payment, then deliver the product you sold to customers who purchase form you.doing so requires a payment gateway. I’m sure you’re familiar with Paypal. I’ve used Paypal to deliver ebook sales (and still do). However, to go from one-off sales to major products requires something more substantial. Enter ThriveCart.

I selected ThriveCart because it fit certain criteria that I was looking for, based on the research I’ve undergone. In order to be a real power seller, you need to have multiple options in your marketing funnel. And that includes being able t offer multiple products, options, and pricing, while being able to deliver them. As such you need a system that can handle flexible payments and multiple offers easily. ThriveCart does this.

Some of the vital elements I need in a payment processor are as follows:

  • Ability to embed videos made with Video Making Software
    • You’d use VSLs (Video Sales Letter) video for upsell videos that are not too long
  • Ability to integrate with an Autoresponder With Marketing List Automation
  • Can use with a high converting sales page design
    • For example, a “1-Page Funnel” Template (which can have a 7-10% purchase conversion rate)
    • Or for funnels where a “2-step” checkout would work better allows you to use that option for checking out products.
  • Alternatively works with a “Multi-Page Sales Page Funnel
  • Allows you to design the “Perfect Checkout Page” for higher success rates
    • Pages with some of the ‘perfect elements’ have at least a 19% higher conversion rate
  • Uses 1 Click Upsell Software so clients can easily purchase more from you without having to re-enter their payment information.
    • Which means working with payment gateways like which allows you to do that.
  • Allows for “Downsells” automatic offering of a lesser priced product if they refuse to purchase the main offer
  • Allows for “Bump” offers (easy additions of extra products for mroe sales).
  • Easily integrates with Tracking Software: Google Analytics & Prosper 202 etc.
    • These can easily be installed with Google Tag Manager
  • Allows for split testing of pages so you can see which has higher conversions.

Guess wha? Thrivecart allows for all the above and a whole lot more. But those are the main requirements I needed. I was looking at other options as well, and discovered there is a whole industry of multiple payment processing products out there. Some of which have any of the same features as I listed. However, one of the things that sold me on TC is the fact that you can purchase it for a one-time payment and own it for the life of the product. Most of the other options require a monthly fee. I knew I would only use the software sporadically so I grabbed it as soon as I realized could get lifetime ownership. Now this is apparently not permanent, but for now it;’s available. Word is when they have finished fully developing it and its out of their “pilot program’, ThriveCart will switch to a monthly subscription fee.

These and more are the reasons I chose ThriveCart. I just now started to created my new product and set up the payment processing with TC. And I was shocked at how easy it was to follow and set up. It is very flexible. The only drawback if there is one, is that the checkout page design isn’t that flexible. But this is one of the upgrades that are promised. Still, the default 4 templates it comes with are not too bad, since you can change the look somewhat. Or you can simply “embed” the checkout on a page on your site i.e on a page you fully design as you wish.

These and more are the reason I recommend ThriveCart.

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