Viral Promotions: Friend Inviter, Viral Inviter & Twitter Blaster

I’ve been testing some different ways to get traffic to my promotions besides PPC. I’ve had some good success, thanks to google banning me. However,I am back with them,but lesson learned was never to rely on one source of traffic or income which is why i continue to search for many free and or cheap ways to promote traffic. I found a few:

Friend Inviter
Viral Inviter
Twitter Blaster.

Frined Inviter and Viral inviter are tell-a-friend scripts on steoids. Using the same technology as Facebook you can invite (or have your traffic invite) everyone on their email account address book with a couple of click!

Friend Inviter is hosted on their servers which may or may not be risky -no idea if they can get your info. Viral Inviter is hosted on your server and is completely customizable by you.

Twitter Blast r is .. well, a twitter blaster. I don’t use twitter at all, but I know lots of peeps do, so, I decided to give it a try. I set it up to promote one of my sites, so we’ll see how it goes. I expect to go more indepth into it later, based on results.

However, Viral Inviter impresses me the most, followed by Friend Inviter. The potential for serious free traffic is there as long as your imagination is :-) More (traffic) to come hopefully.

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  1. You are correct. It is waaaaaay better than Viral Inviter.
    Viral Inviter is a ripoff grab for cash.
    Super tell A Friend Pro… is awesome.

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