What A Scam Looks Like…

In the tradition of crappy scammy ebooks like Day Job Killer and Duvet Dollars comes the most ridiculous premise that trounces them all:

Get Google Adwords For Free:

Um… in case you’re thinking about it, DO NOT BUY.
I didn’t. Don’t need to.

I’ve read the sales page and enough reviews to tell you what its about:
If you read the pale grey lettered disclaimer at the bottom of the Get Google Ads Free sales letter, you find this text:

The system it involves neither has anything to do with any “AdWords™ and/or AdSense™ credits or vouchers,” nor the direct provision by Google to the customer any direct free advertising at anytime; nor any free pay-per-click or otherwise paid-for advertising directly; but rather is a system that if applied correctly and properly and effectively, and as instructed per the author’s direction, may allow for the elimination of the burden of costs pertaining to that customer’s pay-per-click and/or otherwise paid-for advertising expense(s)

Here it is: Sell adspace on your page to offset the cost of your ads. The book contains 7 pages of keywords you can bid on (to promote the stupid book of course), just in case you want to put the secret into effect.You’ll also find 9 extra large testimonials selling you on the merits of the product?

In fact he goes one step further in this quest. He calls anyone who doesn’t believe in the “secret” and its “power” an idiot. There is even a large picture of a man with “idiot” written on his forehead with the caption “this is you if you don’t like my book”.

I beg to differ – “idiot” is anyone who buys it…and doesnt refund immediately.
Enough of that.

Here’s how to REALLY
10 minutes of clicking on the left hand side and you will be set.
Simply get your new account each time. Voila – free ads.
You… are welcome.

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  1. Wow! A real IDIOT! That is how I feel: After reading the above article entitled “What a Scam Looks Like.”

    I bought the ebook, like the IDIOT I AM, used it, and now my ads at Google are more than just free: they are also PROFITABLE! (VERY PROFITABLE!)

    Or so I would claim, but because I am an IDIOT, I have no proof of this impossible claim

    So anyone who wants to be a mindless sheep and play a game of the blind leading the blind like me, go right ahead and follow the nameless IDIOT above – that would be me.

    Anyone who wants a better education in how to get scammed, buy the ebook.

    My name is Bob Simmons BTW; and I am like all IDIOTS who apparently want to sell you this scammy book, but are afraid to tell you who they are.

    Again, I’m an IDIOT.

    PS–Let me tell you how much of an idiot I am: This idiot above (me) also posted elsewhere that he thinks toilet paper is a scam by large paper manufacturers; so he’s not used the stuff – EVER!

    He has saved himself $1,000s in “unnecessary” toilet paper fees; but wonders why he doesn’t have any friends except for the retarded guy on the bus who hasn’t got a sense of smell!…

  2. Wow Bob,

    You really know how to make yourself seem like an idiot.

    Fear not though, there are 12 step programs fr recovering idiots.
    I’m sure you’ll get over the fact that you fell for a scam.

    Don’t feel bad about trying to convince yourself that you fell for the scam and want people to believe you made a profit, when in fact you are probablyy a forum member from the author who’s sole purpose was to attempt to make bold unsubstantiaed claims.

    Not everyone can be a non-idiot, so don’t feel bad, there are many like you.
    You’ll get over it one day and stop trying to convince others that you’re not an idiot out to scam people into buying htis book.
    Your ost above, even though full of conflict, shows a GOOD START. Just keep working on your demons and one day you too will join the ranks of non-idiots.
    Meanwhile anyone want to read the book “Get Google Ads Free” for free?
    Leave a message here and I will email it to you, as long as you promise to read and give an honest review on this post.
    Let’s see how many non-idiots there are out there

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