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This is something I’ve been seeing a LOT of lately.Why? Well, somehow I came across and realized a few ways to utilize this site for extra income.

But the drawback is the low payment given for anything you’re willing to do. That was until I had a few revelations aftr reading a few things at my favorite forums.
1) Create ‘gigs’ to sell, and create MANY of them
2) Create gigs that you can complete in 10 minutes or less.
3) Use automation/macros/scripts/bots for them
4) Duplicate those gigs across all the many other fiverr clone-type sites.

Now this is exactly what I have done.
And believe it or not, it is the most satisfying thing I’ve done business-wise.
Why? cos it’s bringing me lots of dough? NO! lol. In fact quite the contrary.
It’s bringing in extra pocket change although if I scale up which I am doing slowly, the ‘extra’ will become ‘substantial’.

No, it is fulfilling because I realized what i love to do the most is automate tasks that can be automated. I’ve been doing this for years for my own process – site creation and promotion, etc.

Now I can actually make money doing it… something I’m actually good at, and once set up, only takes about 5 minutes of my time. So I make $5 for 5 minutes of ‘work’ each time (the amount of time it takes to enter the order info and click the “GO” button).

Well it’s actually $4 since they take a $1 dollar for every gig you sell, but still – it’s automated. I chose wisely.
If I could keep on duplicating this, who knows where it could lead.
it’s a nice little side project. maybe later I’ll mention the other fiverr clones. There are many of them springing up, but fiverr is still the most trafficked.

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  1. ”No, it is fulfilling because I realized what i love to do the most is automate tasks that can be automated.”

    This is a good conclusion indeed.

    Thank you


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